pre payment notes

It is only for those who are fully protected in the PPS scheme, if you are going into the new 2015 scheme, the Home Office has its own calculator, but it will not calculate taxes.

Even if an AA excess arises you may well find the unused allowances from the last three years (when carried forward) cancels out any tax charge.  Your pension administrator (PA) can give you details of your carry forward, you will also need this data to fill out the questionnaire should you decide to proceed.

If your unused allowances result in no tax charge or your pay increase is below the AA limit and the report returns a zero tax liability, the report has functioned correctly.

Also please take care in not inputting dates which result in no pension being paid, eg retiring before year 25/below age 50 (or in the wrong format).  Or entering 31/09.

If there is a processing error unconnected with the input data format; free re-calculations will be provided.

Once you are confident that you need an illustration, please proceed to the last page to submit your data.

On the last page when you hover the cursor over a red flag on the input spreadsheet, there will be further instructions.

Once you are sure you understand the process, submit payment. 

If unsure, email first.

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29 Mar 2014, 04:19