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Terms and Conditions

a) This forecast is only relevant for a serving regular full-time officer in the closed 1987 Police Pension Scheme (other schemes will cost more, please email for a quote).  It is assumed that the applicant has a basic understanding of the AA and LTA.
b) It will not cover officers who are currently deferred members, moving to the 2015 scheme, have pension sharing orders or have their pension abated because they are already police pensioners, nor will it calculate a CETV for transfer to a private pension (eg SIPP), only your pension administrator can calculate the CETV.
c) If you have any special circumstances (not covered by the questionnaire) please check by email before making any payment.
d) Please note that the forecast contains general guidance only and does not constitute tax, pension or other professional advice.  Only the pension’s administrator can give you the most accurate information from which you can identify your tax liability.
e) Although we endeavour to provide as comprehensive an answer as possible within the limited scope of this service, we exclude liability for any loss which may arise:- from your reliance upon an answer where you know or should have known that one of the assumptions did not apply; and, or
-your reliance on an answer which has subsequently become inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect as a result of future changes in the law or changes in practice by government or its bodies (eg Home Office, HMRC, PNB/PAB) or the revaluation of PPS, the devolved administrations in the UK may have their own rules or changes to your personal circumstances.
f)  The contents of the forecast are for information only and are intended to assist you to identify any general tax issues arising from promotions or accrual of service.  The information contained in the forecast is not intended to be a substitute for taking proper taxation advice and should not be relied upon in this way.  Always consult a qualified accountant or taxation adviser.  We recommend that for a specific tax issue a suitably qualified expert accountant, independent financial adviser or tax specialist should be consulted.
g) The answers provided as part of the pps-direct questionnaire is compiled by using reasonable care and skill and current understanding of Treasury and HMRC publications.  pps-direct cannot be held liable in respect of the forecast provided.  The Home Office have a members internet page for scheme administrators, which is not available to officers or pps-direct.
h)  Neither pps-direct nor its supplier, agents or advisers accept responsibility for any loss arising as a result of reliance on any information contained in the forecast. 
i) This service does not amount to guidance as defined by the FCA.  In order to comply with FCA regulations PPSDIRECT cannot give any financial advice generally or on transferring from the police scheme.  The tax illustration is not advice.
j) Your statutory rights remain unaffected.